Day 8 – RB Lenten Fast

Well…I have decided not to post too much on the fast. I guess the whole “when you fast…” scripture came to mind. But I have had some people ask me how it was going. So far so good. I have had a couple of little breakdowns, but this has been a great thing for me to do. I am one of those people that really enjoy food, all kinds of food. So having the same meal for lunch and dinner everyday has given me a greater appreciation for what God has blessed me with on a daily basis. Which is what Lent is all about.

In case you are wondering, I did have a great steak on Sunday for my feast day!!! It was awesome.


Day 3 – RB Lenten Fast

So I have officially now had 5 complete meals of rice and beans. So far, it has just been black beans with white rice or brown rice. I have decided that I am eating the rice and beans for meals with nothing else during the day, but may have a small snack in the evening. The idea of eating rice and beans at every meal has almost driven me to the point of not wanting to eat. The logic, behind every fast, is to deny myself physically to remind my body that it is just dust. I have to admit that my body almost one this afternoon over a piece of string cheese. Yeah, I know…disgusting. But that just goes to show you the state of mind I am in. I know everyone is thinking it, so I will just say it…so far the beans have not increased my gas. I think that is from the help of Beano.:

Day 1 – Rice and Beans Lenten Fast

So for Lent this year I have decided to do a  rice and beans fast.  What this consists of is eating a piece of fruit for breakfast with some V8 juice, and eating rice and beans for lunch and dinner (of course I will be taking lots of Beano!).  I haven’t yet determined if I will only eat plain beans and rice, or if I will change it up.  I will definitely only have plain beans and rice on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Here is a video clip of my first documented meal on this diet.

I won’t be eating rice and beans on Sundays since they are held as feast days.  On Mondays, I will try to remember to report what I ate for my “naughty” meal.

Why was I there?

Yesterday I had the great honor to sit and speak with some of the greatest pro-life workers in America.  I drove with Fr. Terry Gensemer (CEC for Life) and Abp. Craig Bates out to the Priests for Life headquarters on Staten Island.  Fr. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life, asked Abp. Bates and Fr. Terry to come out to shoot some footage for his television shows and media clips.  Little did we know that they had invited us to sit in on their monthly pastoral Priests for Life meeting .  Among the members of this team included Dr. Alveda King (Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece)!  WOW!!!  What a great honor to meet her.

Me with Dr. Alveda King

Here is a clip of her speaking out against Planned Parenthood:

I don’t know why I had this great honor, but I am glad that God arranged for me to meet these great people!

I’m Back….at least for a few days

So it’s been quite a while since I have actually written anything on this site.  To anyone who actually cares that I stopped, sorry for being lazy.  Anyways, life has been absolutely crazy of the last few months, personal and ministry-wise.  I am writting this on my lunch break, so I really don’t want to go into all the personal stuff right now.  So I guess that leaves the ministry stuff.

I guess one of the greatest things that have been going on here at Intercessor, is a new prayer and praise service we are hosting the first Wednesday of every month called Crave (which not only means to desire, but earnestly ask for).  Anyways, here is promo video a guy from our church made for it:

Some great things have been happening at this service.  We have heard reports of a few people getting completely healed by God!!!

So I guess this is just a baby post to start.  I will definitely be writing more about the different things going on at Intercessor, the youth group, and the pro-life work I am involved in

New Webcam

Alright, so if you got a chance to tune in last night to CEC for Life’s webcast, you saw a couple of technical difficulties.  Nothing to tragic, but there were a couple of interestng moments.  Even with the goof-ups I think the issues that were discussed were extremely important and necessary for people to talk about.  We not only discussed the election of President-elect Obama and some of the pro-abortion choices he has already promised to sign orders for (FOCA, embryonic stem cell research, and possibly lift the ban on partial-birth abortion)  but also some international issues.  Such as the case in Italy where a father has asked to remove the feeding tube from his daughter which will starve her to death, exactly like Terry Sciavo.  With all these issues and more, it is important for people to research this different issues and take a stand for life!!!!

Speaking of life, here is a snippet of my girls playing with my new webcam: