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2010…and beyond

Okay…I am sure that people may be beginning to wonder if I was ever going to post anything again.  Well, I am.

The last few months of my life (like most people with children, work, and church) has been extremely busy.  My little girl Jocelyn, 6yrs old, started Kindergarten this year.  Wow that makes me feel old.  (more on reflection later)

I did read a great post by my friend Joel Klampert on his site concerning the future of blogging for “community purposes“.  However, I think that sites concerning special interests, and not strictly “my daughter just started Kindergarten” posts (i.e mostly my blog), are still doing well.  My sister-in-law, Tiffany at http://theothertiffany.blogspot.com/, has done a great job continuing to post things to inspire people to be creative and stretch their minds.

So, what’s in store on this site…I am not sure.  Per my bishop’s suggestion this past week at church, I am currently contemplating what has happened in the last decade of my life.  I am sure that I will be writing on that soon.

Happy New Year.

Another sporadic post

After a little over a year of hosting this blog site, I have come to a valuable conclusion: I suck at consistently blogging. Ok…now that I hav that off my chest I can move on…

I the next week or so I am going to have a new section on my blog for book reviews. I have been reading a lot more lately and would like to share my thoughts to anyone who would like to read them. I have recently been accepted as a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger. I know crazy. The first book they are sending me is a book called The Noticer. As soon as I receive it in the mail I will read it and then post a review on it.

Maybe I will even post something else this week…but don’t hold your breath. 🙂

Where are the radicals?

Alright…I am the first to admit that I wasn’t present at Notre Dame this past week. However, there were a lot of great people that showed up at South Bend to protest Notre Dame’s presentation of an honorary doctorate degree of law to President Obama. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t those who are given law degrees supposed to protect the lives of the innocent rather than make it easier to kill them?

Something stirred in me today as I watched the president give his address and heard the cries of babies in the background (quite fitting) and to see a couple of radicals that stood up for life today. Where were there rest of the radicals…where was I?


The last couple of posts I had written were during Lent regarding my rice and beans fast.  After posting Day 8, I had a check in my spirit regarding a Scripture on “fasting as the heathens do” and decided to stop.  During Lent, I had an awesome experience during my rice and beans fast.  It was extremely difficult, buy I believe that God broke me during that time.  And I was in need of being broken.  

There are a ton of other things that have been going on lately in my life, which I will be sharing soon.

I did want to let everyone know that tonight at Heart of Worship Fellowship in Bayshore, NY, members of the worship team that plays at Crave every month at Church of the Intercessor will be playing at a coffee house at 7:30.  Come and check it out.

Day 8 – RB Lenten Fast

Well…I have decided not to post too much on the fast. I guess the whole “when you fast…” scripture came to mind. But I have had some people ask me how it was going. So far so good. I have had a couple of little breakdowns, but this has been a great thing for me to do. I am one of those people that really enjoy food, all kinds of food. So having the same meal for lunch and dinner everyday has given me a greater appreciation for what God has blessed me with on a daily basis. Which is what Lent is all about.

In case you are wondering, I did have a great steak on Sunday for my feast day!!! It was awesome.

Day 3 – RB Lenten Fast

So I have officially now had 5 complete meals of rice and beans. So far, it has just been black beans with white rice or brown rice. I have decided that I am eating the rice and beans for meals with nothing else during the day, but may have a small snack in the evening. The idea of eating rice and beans at every meal has almost driven me to the point of not wanting to eat. The logic, behind every fast, is to deny myself physically to remind my body that it is just dust. I have to admit that my body almost one this afternoon over a piece of string cheese. Yeah, I know…disgusting. But that just goes to show you the state of mind I am in. I know everyone is thinking it, so I will just say it…so far the beans have not increased my gas. I think that is from the help of Beano.: