Fresh Start by Doug Fields

A while back I picked up Doug Fields’ book Fresh Start. I am not sure why, but I had a hard time reading it all the way through.  I guess, I really just got lazy when it came to reading.  So, the book sat on my nightstand for a while.  A few weeks ago, I made the commitment to start reading again.  I thought Fresh Start would be the best way to start this new commitment.  I was not disappointed.

Fields attacked many pertinent topics that I think stop Christians dead in their walks with Christ and personal lives.  Some of these topics include: I found myself highlighting and taking notes all throughout the book.

* Dealing with pride
* Defining success
* Living with guilt
* Struggling with conflicts
* Finding true friendships
* Overcoming discouragement
* Facing rejection
* Attacking anger

Fields had a great and simplistic way of reminding us that the only thing getting in one's way of getting "unstuck" is US!  

I would recommend this book to any believer that may have lost sight of relying solely on God to help them move forward in life.

Thomas Nelson provided me with a complimentary book to review and these opinions are solely mine.


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