2010…and beyond

Okay…I am sure that people may be beginning to wonder if I was ever going to post anything again.  Well, I am.

The last few months of my life (like most people with children, work, and church) has been extremely busy.  My little girl Jocelyn, 6yrs old, started Kindergarten this year.  Wow that makes me feel old.  (more on reflection later)

I did read a great post by my friend Joel Klampert on his site concerning the future of blogging for “community purposes“.  However, I think that sites concerning special interests, and not strictly “my daughter just started Kindergarten” posts (i.e mostly my blog), are still doing well.  My sister-in-law, Tiffany at http://theothertiffany.blogspot.com/, has done a great job continuing to post things to inspire people to be creative and stretch their minds.

So, what’s in store on this site…I am not sure.  Per my bishop’s suggestion this past week at church, I am currently contemplating what has happened in the last decade of my life.  I am sure that I will be writing on that soon.

Happy New Year.


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