The Noticer by Andy Andrews

_200_350_Book.50.coverI finished reading Andy Andrews latest novel, The Noticer, just prior to leaving for a mission trip this summer.  The story is set in a small town called Orange Beach, Alabama. (Not that Alabama is known for its beach communities.)  Like any town, there are a number of different issues happening within the communities: poverty, marital problems, shady business, etc…  What most towns do not have is a “Jones”.  Jones is the main character in the book who has an uncanny way of showing up at just the right to provide, what he considers, “perspective” to the situation.

I wouldn’t say that the book was bad, but I also wouldn’t say it was great.  For me it was just okay.  I wasn’t thrown for any surprises and as a mature Christian, I could say that I could almost foresee when Jones was going to show up, what he was going to say, and that everything was going to be okay.

If you are looking for a quick read that makes you feel good or wanting to kill some time, then this book will do just that for you.  I wasn’t inspired and can honestly say I wouldn’t read it again.  On a positive note, I will say that if you know someone who is tends to look at the glass half empty, this book may challenge them to look at the same glass half full.


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